Strong Spine Class
Teaches your spine to function optimally! Fridays 2:30PM ONLINE
We are open open for Privates and Semi-Privates. Reformer classes starts at the beginning of every month.
We were elected on of the top 5 studios in Calgary 2021.
Pilates to everyone
Our clientele goes from 14 to 92 years old. Schedule your session now!


Adirection is a fully equipped studio in Calgary – a warm and serene environment where you can pursue your personal fitness goals with highly experienced instructors. Offering private sessions and small group classes, the staff prides themselves on providing individualized services to clients of all ages and abilities.

Introductory Package

Whether you’re new to Pilates or a seasoned practitioner, first time visitors to Adirection can take advantage of one of our specially discounted introductory packages.