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It all started in 2004 when Adriano and Adriana  opened their first wellness center named Integração (that means Integration) in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
Adriana with her passion for neuromuscular rehabilitation and Adriano with his passion for sports, brought balance to the  practice.
In 2015 they opened ADirection, in Calgary, with the same concept .


Adriana Sartori

BSPT, Fully Certified Pilates Instructor

Adriana completed her  Bachelor in Physical Therapy in 1999. In sequence to that she dedicated 2 more years to complete a Post Grad in Neurological Rehab. In 2004 she finished her Pilates Training (Mat, Equipment and Rehab)
In 2004 she and her husband opened their clinic and studio in Rio de Janeiro/Brazil where she treated a diverse population of individuals of all age groups with neurological, orthopaedic, and surgical conditions.
Pilates gave her the extra tool to help her clients achieve their goals.
“I take an individualized approach to postural analysis, addressing the client’s static and dynamic biomechanics.
I enjoy sharing with others my energy, passion and my extensive experience with movement therapy”.
She has an  extensive experience teaching Pilates to people with Parkinson’s , Multiple Sclerosis, Stroke and other neurological conditions. Adriana is specialized in rehab Pilates for post op like knee and hip replacement, as well as back pain (herniated disc, scoliosis, sciatic), Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, Prenatal and Postnatal.
Adriana enjoy her free time doing Pilates, biking, climbing, Stand Up Paddle Boarding, walking and trying new sports.

Adriano Silva

BSPT, Fully Certified Pilates Instructor and Bike Fitter

Adriano was a professional road cyclist on his early 20s leading him to fall in love with movement .
He completed his Bachelor in Physical Therapy in 2003. After graduating from Physiotherapy School he started several courses on Postural education such as: Podoposturology (feet analyses), Body Alignment, Clinical Pilates, Joint Stabilization and Acupuncture.
Nowadays Adriano share his time between the pilates studio and his practice as a TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) Practitioner. “My passion is for Sports Medicine and Movement/Postural disorders. And I deeply believe our body’s health walk side by side with our mental health.”  
Adriano has extensive experience with orthopaedic injuries and he is accepting new patients on his Acupuncture practice.
He goes above and beyond to help his clients achieve their best using a combination of Biomedicine, TCM Acupuncture, and lifestyle change advising, which he calls the “Healing Trilogy”.
When not working you can find him at  the climbing gym, biking or running.

" Our goal is to assist you towards an injury free active life style. "

How to find us?

ADirection / 403-708-1933

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