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It all started in 2004 when my wife and I decided to open our first wellness center named Integração (that means Integration) in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Adriana with her passion for neuromuscular rehabilitation brings a special touch to her Pilates classes.

My passion for sports like cycling and rock climbing brought balance to our practice.

In 2015 we opened ADirection with the same concept .

Now we are glad to announce our  new location. We are offering: private, semi-private and 4 people Pilates classes.

Adriana Sartori

BSPT, Fully Certified Pilates Instructor

I completed my Bachelor in Physical Therapy in 1999. In sequence to that I dedicated 2 more years to complete a Post grad in Neurological Rehab. In 2004 I completed my Pilates Training (Mat, Equipment and Rehab)

In 2004 we opened our clinic /studio in Rio de Janeiro/Brazil where I treated a diverse population of individuals of all age groups with neurological, orthopaedic, surgical and other health issues.

Pilates gave me the extra tool to help my clients achieve their goals.

I take an individualized approach to postural analysis, addressing the client’s static and dynamic biomechanics. I enjoy sharing with others my energy, passion and my extensive experience with movement therapy.

I have extensive experience teaching Pilates to people with Parkinson’s , Multiple Sclerosis, Stroke and other neurological conditions.

Different from my husband I was never an athlete, but I do my best today doing Pilates, biking, climbing, Stand Up Paddle Boarding, walking and trying new sports.

Adriano Silva

BSPT, Fully Certified Pilates Instructor and Bike Fitter

I completed my Bachelor in Physical Therapy in 2003.

After graduating from Physiotherapy School I started several courses on Postural education such as: Podoposturology (feet analyses), Body Alignment, Clinical Pilates, Joint Stabilization (with David Magee).

I also was a Cat1 Cyclist for 10 years. Because of that and Physio background I decided to  take Specialized’s Body Geometry Bike Fitting course.

Today I’m a recreational cyclist, runner and rock climber.

My specialty is to assist athletes of all ages/levels with injury prevention, cross and strength training . 

" Our goal is to assist you towards an injury free active life style. "

How to find us?

ADirection / 403-708-1933

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