With new Pilates-style workouts popping up around every major city, it’s not surprising that over nine million Americans practice Pilates in the United States alone. While you may not think this method is for you, Pilates-style workouts can actually do wonders for your efforts in the gym.

But if you’ve avoided Pilates classes because you thought it wouldn’t challenge you like a session in the weight room, think again.


It’s efficient. Pilates is a full-body workout and usually classes are under an hour. Not only is it time efficient, but you’ll rest assured knowing you’ve worked every muscle.


Builds pain tolerance for your other workouts. The micro-movements of Pilates workouts  aim to bring your muscles to exertion and create what can be called “the shakes.” Once you feel this type of burn, nothing else compares. “If I can get through that, I can get through the burn of any of my other workouts,” !


Pilates is a workout for the mind and body. There are a lot of moving parts when it comes to using a Pilates reformer or the other  machines. Quickly switching positions on the carriage and working the different moving parts of this machine will constantly keep you engaged and improve your coordination for your other workouts.


Strengthens your core. A stronger core will improve your stability and protect your back during heavy lifting. While doing biceps, squats, and any exercise on the reformer, your core is consistently challenged.


Betters posture and form. Working on walking with your shoulders back or keeping your spine aligned during your deadlifts? Pilates makes you more aware of your body, It helps you lengthen everything.

Increases your flexibility.  Improving your flexibility will happen with time without pain.