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Private pilates session – Private sessions take place with the client and the teacher moving around the room doing appropriate exercises on each of the apparatus.The client will go through our ADirection postural evaluation so we are better able to advise a program based on the individual’s needs and goals. Privates may be performed from, once a week to every day basis, depending on the participant’s personal goals .

 Semi-private (2 people) – This is an awesome opportunity for you to spend quality time with your other half, a friend, with one of your kids (12 years old or older). Both people have to be in a same (or close) fitness level.Our evaluation is also recommended for more precise individual results. CLASSES:

  • Real beginner class– This class is for true beginners. We guide the beginner student, teaching the fundamentals and the principles of Pilates in each exercise on the mat an reformer.
  • Mat Pilates – Our group Mat Pilates classes combine flow and precision to incorporate the fundamental Pilates exercises for a variety of levels. As with all movement in Pilates, these exercises help strengthen your powerhouse muscles (mid-core) further stabilizing your spine.This is a great place for beginners to start or continue. We use props to keep you challenged while you sculpt and tone.
  • Reformer 1– Do you have a few privates or classes under your belt? Are you interested in enhancing your understanding of the reformer exercises and mastering them? Moderate pacing and our instructor’s clear cues will help you achieve your goals!
    This class is appropriate both for those relatively new to Pilates and the seasoned practitioners who want to perfect their form. You will leave this class renewed and invigorated!
  • Reformer 1.5 and 2 – Reformer class accessible to all that had successfully gone through intro and level 1. It is a natural progression from level 1 for those who desire to be continuously challenged. Exercises become a bit more complex and difficult while respecting the concept of overloading for effective and safe gains in performance. Remembering that the sky is the limit, there can be an endless possibilities in gain of skills in Pilates.
  • Circuit Pilates – This class we will be using the Reformer, Chair, Cadillac  and all the props you can find in the gym like, elastic, balls, Kettlebells, Bosu ball, free weights  and, of course, your body weight. This class is suitable for all fitness levels, as all exercises will have multiple difficulty variations given.
    This is an endurance class that will improve  your cardiovascular capacity while also working on core strength and balance. Intro Class required to participate.
  • Prenatal Pilates – This class offers you a safe, supportive, and positive environment to strengthen and lengthen your entire body while you’re expecting, so you feel your absolute best during and after pregnancy.You are welcome to this class from 12 weeks to delivery day!
  • Postnatal Pilates (baby & me) – Let’s get the pelvic floor muscles back in shape!!! You are welcome to join this class after 6 weeks of delivery and your baby is welcome to stay with you. Be prepared to listen to babies crying while working out, to watch other moms breast feeding and to receive cute smiles.
  • Pilates 60 Plus – If you are on your golden age (60 years old or more) you are welcome to this class. Our plan is to help you feel better and keep you moving freely. No experience to Pilates required, from the safety of your home
  • Pilates for Parkinson’s or other neuro  disabilities. Usually just after your diagnostic you feel lost and do not want to share with anybody that your body is not responding the same way. We are here to help. Pilates can increase your strength and stamina by toning and stretching. In strengthening the core muscles and re-aligning the spine, Pilates can improve your posture and balance, thereby reducing the number of falls and injuries.

    This class is thought to help with poor brain-body integration. The messages the brain sends through the spine and surrounding muscles will work more effectively if your central nervous system is functioning well. This should mean that motor function and coordination improve.

    Breathing techniques are also an important part of Pilates, helping the delivery of oxygen to the body as well as boosting energy levels. Our Instructor has a Bachelors degree in Physiotherapy from Rio/Brazil, with specialized training in Neurological disorders.In addition to that, Adriana has worked with Parkinson’s population for many years.No previous experience required. 

  • Pilates for MS (Multiple Sclerosis) – The benefits of exercise for people with MS are well-known, with research showing that regular and moderate activity can actually reduce fatigue levels, as well as improve things like strength, mobility and bowel/bladder function.This will be a low repetitions, longer rests and balance based class. Our Instructor has a Bachelors degree in Physiotherapy from Rio/Brazil with specialization in neurological disorders, having worked in this field for ten plus years. No previous experience required. 

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Bike Fit

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Mondays / Thursdays
7:00am to 8:30 pm

7:00am to 5:00pm

Saturday 8:00am to 2:00pm

Sunday 8:am to 1:00pm


Group Classes & Privates


Intro Package – 3 privates

$ 199 ($66/session) for NEW CLIENTS

Physical Assessment (1h15min)

$ 125

1 private

$ 95

5 privates

$ 458

10 privates

$ 825

1 semi-private

$ 58

5 semi-private

$ 255

10 semi-private

$ 459

Mat class in Person

$20/per class

$25 Drop in


Reformer classes

$33/per class

$35 Drop in


$16/per class



How to find us?

Adriano: 403-918-1533
Adriana: 403-708-1933

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