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Clinical Pilates: How is Clinical Pilates different from regular Private Pilates session?


Clinical Pilates uses Pilates technique, but the focus is recovering from that old or recent injury that has been stopping you from joining a class.


Whereas regular Pilates session focus on general strength, flexibility, and body control, clinical Pilates is a one-on-one opportunity to cater movement to specific areas of weakness or injury.


Clinical Pilates is done by a professional with a physiotherapy background who will be looking to your body as a whole and focusing on recovery as fast as possible.


Is Clinical Pilates right for me?


If you have undergone an injury and is on the recovery moment; or are suffering from a condition that has hindered your mobility, Clinical Pilates may be the perfect fitness plan to help you achieve optimal wellness again.

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Pilates for Osteoporosis


I heard from a lovely lady once that she would love to do Pilates but she was afraid of doing because she had osteoporosis. And her Dr told her she can’t bend forward. So, she was afraid of moving and “break herself”.

Understanding exactly what to avoid and how to move properly is the key to enjoy life without missing your favorite activities.

It’s important to know that flexion (forward bending) and rotation place too much stress on spinal vertebrae and yes for people with T-score around – 2.9 and no muscle strength can be harmful.  Strengthening + balance can help prevent spinal fractures and falls (that could lead to a broken hip).

This is vital information for your arsenal but knowing the contraindications can give you NO fear of moving. You may depend on certain exercises that have worked in the past. Now you need an exercise program tailored to your new needs. We are talking about a Pilates class made for you.

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